Leftist Misogyny – Reproductive Tech Edition

Author’s Note: This may or may not become a running series documenting the anti-woman agenda of the left. The anti-woman agenda of the right is transparent, but many liberal women continue to be gaslit into supporting their own erasure on the left. This series seeks to document the more subtle permutations of leftist female erasure in the hope that more leftist women will get a clue. 

One of the more infuriating and idiotic arguments made by leftists who support gay people’s desire to sexually reproduce is the false eliding of egg donation extraction with sperm donation. So let’s clarify by comparison, shall we?

Sperm donation requires that a man jizz in a cup after using his hand. The process takes a few minutes and can be done without medical assistance. The risk is zero, and common side effects include feelings of euphoria and contentment.

Blood donation requires being injected with a syringe. The process takes a few minutes and carries minimal risk. Common side effects include pain at injection site and light headedness.

Egg donation EXTRACTION requires several days (up to two weeks) of being shot up with hormones, along with daily blood work and ultrasounds. After being anesthesized, the woman is stabbed with a needle placed in a catheter to suction the eggs from her ovary. This highly invasive medical procedure carries multiple side effects based on the effects of the hormones, the anesthesia, and the extraction procedure itself. Hormone side effects include weight gain, bloating, mood swings, and headaches, while egg extraction side effects include cramping, bloating, and spotting. Women who have had IVF frequently describe the egg extraction process as being the most painful and difficult part of the entire IVF cycle.

Are we clear?

This kind of minimization of the reality of what egg donation EXTRACTION actually entails for women is NOT benign. It is also NOT an accident. It is a product of latent misogyny. The dismissal and trivializing of women’s pain, and the invasion of women’s bodies and privacy on behalf of other people is already a closely held cultural value under patriarchy.

Traditional Patriarchy/Misogyny – Women are personal property and belong only in the private sphere where their actions can be controlled by men. The endgame: Women must submit to men.

Neoliberal Patriarchy/Misogyny – Women are a public commodity and belong to the market where their actions can be controlled by men. The endgame: Women must submit to men.

On the right, a raped woman must carry through with a resulting pregnancy and accept any and all attendant risks and complications for her health because rapists have the right to pass on their genes, and this right is more important than a woman’s right to bodily autonomy.

On the left, a woman must be willing to undergo painful and invasive medical procedures as described above to help gay men have biological children, because men who have no interest in having sex with women nevertheless have a latent right to pass on their genes, and a “generous” woman will facilitate this.

What the two positions have in common is a willingness and intention to trivialize and minimize a woman’s pain, and the attendant invasion of her body, in order to facilitate the sexual reproduction of men, inclusive of men who HATE women.

This. is. misogyny.

Men who do not love/respect women have ZERO right to use their bodies for sexual reproduction. Any claim that they do is inherently misogynistic. On the right, the claim is explicit qua rape. On the left the claim is tacit qua egg donation/surrogacy. While the right’s approach is obvious and authoritarian, the approach on the left is more subtle and grounded in social pressure/coercion via emotional appeal.

Either way, it’s manipulative.

Women, it’s time for you to wake up and realize that you have no friends politically. The choice presented is between being owned and being bought. This is not a real choice.

Incidentally many black critical thinkers have come to a similar conclusion regarding the political poles’ attitude towards black life. This is why the original notion of intersectionality was a useful tool for understanding the social context. But of course this original concept that gender operates like race has been distorted beyond all meaning and recognition.

A note to white women in particular: Recognize that your willingness to repeatedly sell out black people in the name of securing rights for white people ALWAYS inevitably leads to this end. You cannot effectively resist patriarchy if you fail to resist white supremacy as well.

Maybe the next time this simulation is run you will all finally figure this out before you have again sold yourselves out in the name of Neoliberal Patriarchy. But, I doubt it.

The Wheel of Karma goes round and round…



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