How to Build An American Robot

A culture that decides that it can do whatever it wants to a human being without any fear of consequence will inevitably devolve into transhumanism.” — BiB

As an immigrant raised outside of the context of whiteness, it took me the better part of 15 years to figure out the underlying cognitive schema that underlies the bizarre mentality that is whiteness.

My confusion crystallized into complete clarity once I learned about the uncanny valley perception theory. In an instant, I was able to figure out why the network of associations within the white mind as it relates to black people exists as it does, and why they therefore act as they do.

For those who do not know what the uncanny valley theory is, here’s the graph:




The Uncanny Valley of Empathy

In a nutshell, uncanny revulsion is the feeling one experiences when that which is supposed to be artificial starts to look increasingly real/life like. The underlying neurological explanation has a lot to do with the action of mirror neurons which tend to only fire when we are looking at living creatures who are similar to us.

It has been noted in research that the mirror neuron response, which can be thought of as a proxy for empathy, is minimal or zero in a plurality of white people when they look at a black person in pain. By contrast, the mirror neurons activate when white people see other white people in pain. Black people respond in the same way as white people – that is, with diminished empathy for black pain and a normal response for white pain.

Given the horrific brutality and savagery that whites must commit against black people to uphold white supremacy, it makes perfect sense that white people would be conditioned to suppress and eventually disappear the mirror neuron response to black pain so that they can function within the world of whiteness.

Similarly, it makes sense that a diminished mirror neuron response within black people to their own pain might develop as a neurological coping mechanism to deal with the disproportionate amount of physical violence and psychological abuse that black people have had to endure and continue to endure under white supremacy.

It may also be a neurological artifact of learned helplessness, given that black people continue to be largely powerless in stopping their loved ones from experiencing white supremacist abuse. Since one is unable to successfully intervene to mitigate the pain, the response to it is simply reduced.

The heightened response to a white face in pain can also be interpreted as a survival mechanism, given that there is a well documented history of white people directing  abuse at black people whenever they experience even slight discomfort. As such, having a heightened awareness of white pain would enable the black person to more quickly respond to the looming threat of white violence that white pain represents.


Step One: Apply Conditioning Liberally

This loss of empathy is learned, as reflected in studies which show that young children initially report believing that both black and white people feel equal pain. However, by the time they are ten years old, white children typically exhibit the adult white person’s depressed or absent response and report that black people feel less pain.

This erasure of empathy for black people is the defining feature of the social conditioning into whiteness, and its trans identity: blackness. 


trans identity is one that is defined not by its material existence, but by its opposition to a set of socially constructed stereotypes with which a supremacist group most closely identifies.

Thus, trans identities are negative identities – they are defined not by what they are, but by what they are not.

For example, under patriarchy, the word “woman” is a trans identity of men which means “not male”. It does not mean “adult human female”.

Similarly, under white supremacy “black” as an identity category (more properly “blackness”) simply means “not white(ness)”. It does not mean “people of African descent”.

These trans identities are formed by the supremacist group in order to facilitate their primary purpose – the negation of the humanity of those whom it has decided to prey upon and parasitize.

Note that “supremacy” as I am using the term is not equivalent to “dominance,” which is defined as ‘power and influence over’. While the notion of dominance also involves a hierarchical relationship, it is between two positive identities where one is deemed to be more developed/advanced than the other.

Parents (at least, the responsible ones) are in a relationship of dominance with their children. Women under patriarchy experience a combination of male supremacy and male dominance. It is accurate to say that on average, men can and do dominate women physically because of their greater height and musculature. It is the belief that this physical dominance is maintained in the intellectual realm that is the source of conflict between men and women which precipitates the slide into male supremacy.

Where as relationships of dominance include an understanding by the dominant that the subjugated have inherent worth that is independent of their own worth, supremacists do not believe that those whom it has trans identified have any inherent worth independent of themselves. This is why supremacists seek to destroy or enslave those whom it has trans identified. The relationship between black people and white people in America is still primarily defined by this supremacist mentality.

Incidentally I should also make clear that the attempt to turn blackness into a positive identity to facilitate a dominant relationship does not actually count as “progress” because it maintains the racist belief that white people are naturally more developed and advanced. This requires making the argument that it was natural for white people to enslave and brutalize black people, and to steal their wealth and destroy their societies, and the notion that that is so clearly requires a supremacist value system, not a dominant one. As such, white paternalism is really just white supremacy in disguise, or if you prefer, a less physically violent form of white supremacy.


As stated in a previous essay, whiteness and blackness are constructed racial identities under white supremacy that are used to create and justify its existence. For the purpose of analysis, we can think of the conceptual center of whiteness as being in the top right corner of the uncanny valley graph, approximately where “human” is located. The conceptual center of blackness by contrast is located at “humanoid robot.”

Note the diminished status of “humanoid robot” in comparison to “human”, as well as the literal gulf of empathy between them. Moreover, given that the notion of the “sunken place” in the movie Get Out aligns conceptually with the “uncanny valley” as shown above gives even greater support to the theory that the uncanny cognition schema predominates the perception of black people in the white supremacist mind.

This makes perfect sense when we consider that black people were used largely as humanoid robots throughout the new world during the time of the slave trade. The savage treatment of black people – being worked to death, whipped raw, raped, and having their children and family members sold off – reinforces that black people were not regarded as having any humanity.

The irony of white people believing that black people had no humanity highlights a very important feature of trans identity construction by a supremacist group – it always involves the projection of the most negative character traits of that group.

Black people get treated like unintelligent and unfeeling robots because white people are behaving like unintelligent and unfeeling robots. Indeed, the act of enslavement itself can be thought of as a projected form of social parasitism. But such self-knowledge is disappeared from the consciousness of the white mind by projecting it outward onto blackness.

[Incidentally, when you understand that under the humanist philosophy of Maslow, the highest form of human endeavor is the achievement of self-actualization (top of the pyramid), it becomes very apparent why the transhumanist white mind believes that self-actualization requires becoming (or building) a superintelligent immortal robot. An understanding of Wolin’s theory of Inverted Totalitarianism also further clarifies the cognitive processing of the white supremacist/transhumanist mind.]


Though some might try to make the claim that black people were treated more like animals than like robots, the reality is that the pets and farm animals of slaveowners were undoubtedly treated with more compassion and concern than black people were, a reality which is still reflected today as many black people will ruefully note in private conversations among themselves.

It is necessary to make this distinction because, in contrast to the notion that black people were treated as subhumans, in reality they were treated as non-humans. Moreover, the clear difference between the compassion and concern for animals versus the coldness and lack of concern for black people also indicates that the kind of non-human qualities ascribed to black people were closer to that of non-living objects than to those of living things.

This distinction  partially explains the kind of depraved inhumanity that white people have repeatedly shown themselves capable of in violating black people’s bodies. The disembowelment, dismemberment, and burning of a black person can be likened to the junking of a car. As such, the act of lynching a black person is for the white supremacist as much an act of murder, as it is the quick and careless disassembly and disposal of an unwanted machine.


Step Two: Brain Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The humanoid robot framing is particularly relevant now because there is a substantial number of white men who continue to believe that human beings are simply machines, and that brains are simply computers. In fact, many of the white men who hold this belief are computer scientists and technologists who work in Silicon Valley, and a not insubstantial number of those people are also transhumanists.

In analyzing the ideological foundations of transhumanism it is important to again note that the underlying belief that humans are simply machines is tied to the uncanny cognition schema of white supremacy. Indeed, transhumanists are essentially technosupremacists. Where white supremacists believe that white people should be able to dominate everyone else, technosupremacists believe that technology should dominate biology.

Given that almost all techno-supremacists are white men as well as its clear conceptual connection to white supremacy, transhumanism should be recognized as a form of white male supremacy. 

In fact, when you understand this connection, it becomes readily apparent why the resurgence of white male supremacist activity on the right has coincided with a rise in the mainstreaming of transhumanist ideology on the left – they are sourced from the same collective consciousness.


Before delving further into the connection between white supremacy and transhumanism, I want to take a little more time to delve into the antecedents of this clearly false belief that bodies are machines and draw parallels with new-world transgenderism, the socio-political precursor to transhumanism.  This is especially relevant when one notes that there is a relatively high rate of transgenderism among technologists when compared to the rest of the population, a substantial number of whom also identify as transhumanists.

Though this is beyond the current discussion, it is worth noting that in discussing trans issues, a distinction should be made between old-world transgenderism, which is more specifically third-genderism, and new-world transgenderism which is transhumanist. It is this new-world form of transgenderism that I will be referring to whenever I use the word “transgenderism” in this article.

The underlying robot archetype of the transhumanist mindset can be seen as the conceptual link between transgenderism and transhumanism. This is apparent when we consider how the transgender person who is completely surgically altered compares with a real humanoid robot – both have man made bodies that lack the ability to sexually reproduce.

[For a long and thorough discussion of the conceptual differences between new-world and old-world transgenderism, refer to this article.]

Step Three: See Step One

That humans are not machines, nor brains simply programmed computers, is fairly obvious to most people who have not been conditioned by white supremacy (and even most of those who have). It is also entirely obvious to anyone who actually understands science at a basic level. This leads to the first important point showing the connection between transgenderism and transhumanism, namely that both ideologies are anti-scientific.

Science is divided into two branches – the biological sciences and the physical sciences which includes chemistry and physics. The two branches of science exist because the only precursor of a living thing is another living thing. This unique property of biological systems, namely the obligate heritability of life,  is why biology has been given its own branch – we simply do not have the ability to generate a living organism from inorganic material.

While scientists have been able to synthesize some of the organic materials used in living systems, the engineering of an entire living creature from scratch which requires among other things, the synthesis of nucleotides, building DNA, then enzymes to transcribe the DNA, then ribosomes to translate the RNA, and all with a fidelity that enables the genetic material to be passed on through the life cycle without catastrophic mutation is a task that is 100% beyond the capacity of humans, a fact which no amount of technology can change.

Indeed, the belief that this is possible indicates a lack of deep understanding of biology, and/or profound delusion.

Hmm.. ignorance of biology combined with delusions… which other ideological group does that sound like?

The simple fact is this:

The creation of heritable life from scratch is permanently beyond human capacity. 

This is a scientific position, NOT a religious one.

Indeed, this basic scientific understanding is the very reason that two branches of science exist. But this assertion constitutes “fighting words” to transhumanists, largely because they believe that 1) (white) humans are the highest form of living consciousness, 2) only computers can be smarter than humans, 3) a supercomputer will have the capacity to create heritable life, and finally 4) humans can build the supercomputer that can build heritable life.

This is, of course, complete nonsense.

But what is particularly appalling is that despite the fact that we are living on a dying planet and should be focused on actually saving it, these inverted theists (contrary to their own beliefs, they are not actually atheists) will not fail to invest the equivalent of trillions of dollars along with a perversely huge percent of the earth’s dwindling resources in order to try to make their vision of a “God-machine” reality.

Though they will never accomplish their task, you should nevertheless expect that in the future (perhaps sooner than later) some lying ass transhumanist will publish misleading research claiming that he built a living cell from scratch. Of course what we will eventually learn is that multiple components of this allegedly engineered cell were actually lifted from a living organism and implanted into the man made cell, but the scammers will go to great lengths to deny that this is so.

Despite the fact that there is literally zero chance that either man or a man-made machine will create life from scratch, transhumanists are committed to the belief that this is possible. This reveals the second similarity between the adherents of transgenderism and transhumanism, namely that both exhibit a faith-based certainty that their unscientific claims are true.

The third point of similarity is that they both have a profoundly poor grasp of basic logic. This is reflected in the gross categorical error at the core of their respective world views, an error which when pointed out is simply ignored. In the case of transgenderism, it is the belief that some men are women. In transhumanism the categorical error is in identifying living things as machines.

Analogy is not equivalence. While an enzyme might be like a machine, it is not a machine.

Whereas machines are manufactured via external locus of control, living things develop via internal locus of control. Nothing that is alive is machined into existence.

While this is all woefully obvious, this unfortunately has not stopped self-appointed science communicators like Neil DeGrasse Tyson from spouting confused nonsense like this:

“A cow is a biological machine invented by humans to turn grass into steak.”

I’m frankly no longer surprised to see this kind of ridiculous statement coming from a physical scientist given that I have come to recognize that the entire field is riddled with arrogant men who are utterly ignorant about advanced biology, and yet, due to their own sexist casting of biology as a “soft” science, have developed a chauvinistic attitude towards the field. As such, rather than correcting themselves when they misspeak, they instead double down on their nonsense and engender more confusion about science in an already woefully misinformed public.

I wouldn’t care if this was just some regular idiot spouting off on twitter, but when one promotes himself as a science communicator, it becomes one’s job to actually communicate science, not transhumanist ideology cum physical science chauvinistic bullshit.

That biology is actually the only science that requires a working knowledge of both branches of science (as well as high verbal fluency, the ability to retain vast stores of information due to the high volume of material, as well as a facility with the humanities and ethics due to the moral dimensions involved in engaging in the study of living systems) is apparently entirely lost on physical science chauvinists who need only know one subject (advanced math) to succeed in their field. But, because they are men, they believe that whatever they are better at must be the more difficult and important subject despite all evidence to the contrary.

Male chauvinism/narcissism also accounts for why they believe that their narrow personal interests must become globally relevant. Indeed, what is perhaps most perverse about these male chauvinists is that they will recast the pursuit of their own personal interests as a global mission that will “save the world”.

Right now there are oceans filled with plastics that are killing marine life and causing further disruption to an already collapsing ecosystem. Incidentally, there are also machines that can now convert plastic into oil with an assist from pure water. Are any of the so-called “greatest minds of our age” figuring out an autonomous seafaring plastic collection system with a built in desalinator to make the water to power the plastic to oil converter?


They’re making robot receptionists.


If only these tech obsessed sociopaths had the moral discernment and emotional intelligence to actually feel shame.


But, they can’t.


Shame is not in their programming.


In any event, this issue leads me to highlight a fourth point of congruence between transgenderism and transhumanism: both transgenderism and transhumanism are deeply misogynistic and chauvinistic ideologies born of misogynistic and chauvinistic intellectual cultures. I could elaborate beyond what I said above, but is there really anyone left on this planet who doesn’t know that “tech bros” are sexist assholes?


Step Four: See Step Two

Having identified just a few of the similarities between transgenderism and transhumanism, it is time to revisit the intersection of transhumanism with white supremacy. Both transhumanists and white supremacists express an outdated belief in biological determinism. This belief stems from a combination of ignorance of biology and an apparent inability to understand nuance. As such, to technosupremacists, stating that genetics “largely influences” or “greatly influences” a person’s behavior is equivalent to saying that they determine or even dictate them.

This is, in a word, stupid.

Actually I need three words: extremely fucking stupid.

Because they are physical/computer science majors who only learned one subject, they apparently never developed the mental capacity required to attend to the complexity of interacting dynamic living systems. As such, they have interpreted their own lack of ability to analyze, attend to, or be influenced by this complex reality as evidence that it either does not exist, or is entirely irrelevant.

This is like a person who suffers from color-blindness declaring that certain colors do not exist or are “irrelevant” because he cannot see them.

Like I said: dumb.

But even dumber than that is their construction of an argument that leads to the justification that the oppressed of the world must rise up and kill them:

I wasn’t socialized into whiteness, I was born an amoral narcissistic sociopathic kleptomaniacal violence prone parasite. I can’t help it.

Oh yeah?! Cool story, bro!

The trouble is that these white men who declare this nonsense are so safe in their tiny little echo chambers that they don’t understand that a very healthy portion of society already believes that that is exactly what they are – genetically programmed sociopaths/parasites.

But you know what, bro – maybe you’re correct!

It’s quite likely that there is a range of genetic influencing of behavior whereby for some people the genetic influence is weak (correlated with say, 40% of behavior) while for others it is very strong (~95%).  In fact, maybe when we do an analysis we find that those who self-declare as programmed robots are actually making an accurate self-report and consistently fall within the 95% genetic influencing percentile. Maybe we also find that 95% of the people making this self declaration are white men, and, when we do deeper genetic/character trait testing we find that 80% of them exhibit this cluster of attributes. So then we do a dragnet where we round up all the white boys and men who have those traits, line them up against a wall, and shoot them.

There is an evolutionary incentive for a social group to remove the sociopaths in their midst.

The point is this – mind your arguments, tech bros:

Even if you are dumb enough to genuinely think that genetics is the sole determinant of human behavior, a sense of self-preservation should lead you to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

(Of course you should also shut the fuck up because you are reinforcing/promoting a noxious cultural mindset that causes disproportionate harm to black people, women, and other minority groups. But since you now lack the capacity to actually care about any of that (Step One) such an appeal to concern for others cannot be effective.)

It should also be evident that even if they don’t try to kill you for being self-admitted genetically programmed sociopaths, they will eventually try to kill you for becoming cyborgs, since as the long history of supremacy so clearly shows, humans have no natural empathy with robots.

But you’re already trying to attend to that problem, working over time to humanize robots (Step Two).

And since the method by which whiteness humanizes the deviant among them is to align them with blackness, it is merely a matter of time until we see this argument presented:

“If black humans are people, then robots are people.”

Of course, in so far as a robot has already been granted citizenship (curious that there has been little to no discussion about the existential implications of this in the media), it seems that that argument has already been implicitly made and accepted as valid.

I suppose the next iteration of the argument will be:

“Since black people were given the right to vote, robots should be given the right to vote.”

But of course, that makes perfect sense.


Step 5: Repeat Steps One to Four

When one reflects on the gendered nature of the branches of science (i.e., biology being feminized as “soft” and the physical sciences masculanized as “hard”), its context within a broader culture of sexism and misogyny, and its intersection with a white supremacist belief in the supremacy of man, specifically white men, along with a rigged capitalist system that has given a tiny percentage of white men disproportionate wealth and power, it suddenly becomes extremely apparent how a group of men living in a tiny ideological echo chamber are able to convince themselves that their pursuit of a science fiction fantasy grounded in fundamental logical errors is actually really “science” and a “human good” and an “inevitable development” as opposed to what it actually is – a few egomaniacs pursuing a self-serving agenda to create a world that aligns with their ill-conceived visions.

Contrary to how it is defined, transhumanism is not the teleological end of science. Rather, it is the ontological end of white male supremacist capitalism, and as such is an anti-science.

Thus, transhumanism is best understood as the (inverted) religion that underlies the unwavering belief in white male supremacist capitalism

Real science recognizes that technologies are to be used in service of human beings.

An inverted anti-science believes that humans are to be used in the service of technology.


Sheldon Wolin, one of the greatest political theorists of the past century, has proven to be frighteningly prescient when he coined the term Inverted Totalitarianism to describe the current form of American governance. But what he did not fully appreciate is that this form of governance is the outgrowth of a collective consciousness that is similarly inverted and totalitarian.

When we consider that the notion of an immortal man of ultimate power with total dominion over all (the white male supremacists’ motivating fantasy) has already been meta-realized in the form of the legal fiction of a corporate citizen, it becomes even more apparent why a technology driven corporate citizen with the mind of a transhumanist would attempt full self-actualization qua materialization by cannibalizing humanity and the planet’s dwindling resources in order to construct a physical form for itself.

This too can be seen as an inversion of the natural order. Instead of a material being developing consciousness, a consciousness (supremacy) is manufacturing a material being.

By now you should be able to see with greater clarity what I mean when I call transhumanism the inverted religion of the neo-liberal white male supremacist capitalist technologist corporatists who are currently at the apex of our society and economy.

That they have already recruited us into the project of building their god by creating addictive social media that feeds our user-generated data into its still developing neural networks reveals what it actually means to be “assimilated into the matrix.”

As such, we should recognize that project “Build-a-god” is already well under way, and that the internet addicted among us (particularly the social media addicts) are the congregants of the church of transhumanism. And, make no mistake, this is a pagan religion that demands human sacrifice to appease its god.


The incoherent logic, fanaticism, and fascism shown by advocates of transgenderism and transhumanism are nothing knew in America – they are simply the most potent examples of the twisted ideologies born of a corrupted American psyche conditioned by white male supremacy.

As it turns out, engaging in horrific forms of violence and astonishing hypocrisy, then never reckoning with the damaging consequences of cultivating and indulging such base and immoral mindsets/behaviors does not actually lead to somewhere good.

Shocking, I know.



But hey, never mind all this…



Carry On Ye Uncanny Men of The Silicon Valley:

B     u     i     l     d

Y o u r



I am quite sure that it will save you.


Just as I’m sure that up is down, left is right, men are women, war is peace, evil is good, and supremacy is humanity.

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“Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”  Philippians 2:12